"A Wee Bit Quicker"

"A Wee Bit Quicker," by Bill Yates, featured in Golf Magazine, July 2001. Bill was sent on assignment by Golf Magazine to discover whether the "Brits" play faster than we do. His conclusions make fascinating - and surprising - reading.


[excerpt] "How many times have we heard stories of golf played in Scotland and England in less than four hours, maybe even less than three hours? The Brits do it regularly, and if you can't keep up they throw you off the course, or so we hear. Is this a bit of humor at our expense, a myth, or the truth?"  --Author Bill Yates


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  • "Our pace of play is much better and our members love it."

    Alice Plain, PGA, Director of Golf

    Vail Golf Club, Colorado
  • "Bill Yates unquestionably provides the most enlightening analysis of pace of play I have ever seen."

    Terry Florence, Director of Golf

    Wild Dunes Golf Resort, South Carolina
  • "ss"


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