April Tip for Players: Getting there is half the fun!

In order for courses to deliver a consistently high quality and enjoyable playing experience, players have to do their part as well.


Interestingly, and thanks to our conceptual leadership in this area, courses are now beginning to realize that what has been thought of for years as “slow” play," is really all about the course’s ability to produce and maintain a smooth “flow” of play throughout the day. And that’s where you, the player, also have a significant role.


Don’t roll your eyes. Just believe me when I say that the time you leave your house or hotel is the time the smooth “flow” for your day begins. Your objective is to have a great day with your friends playing a game you love. And you want to do it without waiting or having to rush to catch up. You want your day to seamlessly flow from one event to the next...and once you're on the course, from one hole to the next.


When that happens you will find the true joy of the game. You'll also find that your round took less time than you thought it would.


Here are "Ten Plus One" Tips that will help make that happen:

1. Plan a step-by-step schedule your day and stick to it

2. Know the distance and the route to the course

3. Allow time for a comfortable breakfast or lunch before your starting time

4. Check-in early at the Pro Shop and confirm your starting time

5. Allow time to loosen up on the range and on the putting green

6. Arrive at the first tee ready to play away, no less than 10 minutes prior to your starting time

7. Listen to the Starter’s advice and strike the first tee shot precisely on your starting time

8. When you tee off, note where the group ahead of you is located on the first hole and keep this same separation throughout your round.

  • Note: The best managed courses will have a Starter on the tee and will be enforcing a starting interval that optimizes their utilization of the course and that gives you - the player - the smoothest and most enjoyable round time.

9. Play ready golf

10. Enjoy a fantastic day of golf!

The Plus One: Repeat this process as often as possible!



Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems


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