2016 Tip of the Month

December Tip for Course Owners and Managers: Do you know what you need to know?

One of the fastest things a course can do to damage its reputation is raise expectations on the part of players that are never met.  If a course allows players to believe a round will take four hours…
November Tip for Course Owners and Managers: The secret to growing your business

Word of mouth marketing is the original social media…it’s effective, it spreads fast, and the marketplace believes it! In fact, according to Neilson, 92% of consumers believe recommendations…
October Tip for Players: Shopping for a Good Playing Experience

Recently I spent several weeks shopping for just the right pair of golf shoes…and I’m glad I did. They’re comfortable and handsome, perfect in every way. Maybe you’ve done that…
September Tip for Course Superintendents: Keep an eye on the small stuff!

The reason that Course Maintenance and Setup is one of my “Five Major Factors™ that Impact Pace of Play” is that how the physical course is managed can easily make or break the pace…
August Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 5

To continue our "Solving the Slow Play Mysteries" Series... Discovery 5: More sand and water hazards don’t equal slower rounds. Simplicity and clarity are the name of the game in sand…
July Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 4

To continue our "Solving the Slow Play Mysteries" Series... Discovery 4: The playing experience – and the memory of that playing experience – is the primary product that a golf course…
June Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 3

To continue our "Solving the Slow Play Mysteries" Series... Discovery 3: Management success should be measured by maximizing revenue, not counting the number of rounds.  When daily success…
May Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 2

To continue our "Solving the Slow Play Mysteries" Series... Discovery 2: Waiting to play during a round causes more long round times than slow players do. This is because “waiting on every…
April Tip for Players and Managers: Solving the Slow Play Mysteries: Discovery 1

Over the past several decades, I've visited hundreds of courses, observed thousands of golfers, and clicked my stopwatches on and off hundreds of thousands of times! And for what? For the sole purpose…
March Tip for Course Owners and Managers: Invest 3 days to increase annual revenue!

If you invest just 3 days at the start of your season, you will be in a position to increase your number of rounds and revenue, and your investment will be quickly returned.   Here are the Cliff…
February Tip for Course Superintendents: Do you know where your mowers are?

When labor and equipment are the largest items in your maintenance budget, you know you have to make every labor hour count. The best way to do that is to know precisely where and how every labor and…
January Tip for Owners and Managers: Is your course unaffordable?

Have you ever considered that even courses with very low green fees might be unaffordable for many players? This is because every potential player for your course, or any course, has three currencies…

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2015 Tip of the Month

December Tip for Course Managers: Understand players' expectations

Any player who sets foot on a course comes with built-in expectations…for teeing off on time, for a round of reasonable length, for good flow on the course with no waiting, for a relaxing, fun…
October Tip for Players: Speak up! You don't have to suffer

Think about this. When you walk into a fine restaurant, you expect to have a good experience and enjoy your meal. If the service is poor, the food is lousy, or the restaurant is raucously noisy, your…
November Tip for Course Managers: Seven Drivers to Guarantee Success

  Management Teams! Take a look at the following Seven Drivers for Success...to guarantee improved operations for your course:       Build and train a sound team.  Hire for attitude,…
September Tip for Course Managers and Superintendents: The Secrets of Success

Smart golf course managers and superintendents at golf courses worldwide are in on the secret. They're making daily decisions and reaping great results based on my trademarked “Five Major Factors™”…
August Tip for Players: How to spot a 5-hour course (Part 2)

Here's Part 2 of our ten questions for "pace of play-savvy" players to ask themselves and the professional staff, in order to avoid signing up for a five-hour-plus round. Questions #1 -…
July Tip for Players: How to spot a 5-hour course (Part 1)

To be a "pace of play-savvy" player, consider asking yourself and the professional staff some important questions before handing over your green fee. Knowing the answers to ten questisons could…
June Tip for Owners and Managers: Measure day-to-day success by revenue, not number of rounds!

Several years ago, an old friend, client and highly successful multiple course owner commented to me, “I’ve never filled out a bank deposit slip that had space for entering ‘Number of…
May Tip for Course Managers: My "Ten Discoveries" to help course operators improve your product!

  For decades I've been discovering the truths about what we call slow play - its causes and cures. In this May Tip of the Month I'll share with you "Ten Discoveries" that…
April Tip for Players: Six ways to pick up the pace!

Be on Time!  Arrive 45 minutes before your tee time. If you change your mind about playing, call and cancel.   Don't tee off before your starting time!  Ironically, the closer you start…
March Tip for Course Managers: Keep players away from the first tee for as long as possible.

Perception is reality!  A first tee crowded with players immediately gives the players the perception that “It’s going to be a LONG day.”   When this happens - even before…
February Tip for Course Superintendents: Help your players decide which tees to play.

Playing the wrong tees hurts your players’ game, takes away their fun, and can ruin the pace of play for their group and others. Why do players persist in playing the wrong tees?   Well, the…
January Tip for Players: Watch out for courses that are willing to "squeeze you in!"

Being squeezed in to the starting time schedule may sound like a favor to you, but it will predictably turn out to be just the opposite. If you check out some of my articles in the News and Articles page…

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  • "We cut more than 30 minutes off our average 18-hole round."

    Dane Bohrer, PGA, General Manager

  • "Our pace of play is much better and our members love it."

    Alice Plain, PGA, Director of Golf

    Vail Golf Club, Colorado
  • "Bill Yates is the Guru of pace of play."

    Paul Spengler, Executive VP

    Pebble Beach Golf Links, California
  • "Bill Yates unquestionably provides the most enlightening analysis of pace of play I have ever seen."

    Terry Florence, Director of Golf

    Wild Dunes Golf Resort, South Carolina
  • "What Bill did for us was fantastic. Every golf course should adopt his approach."

    Rod Cochrane, General Manager

    Predator Ridge Resort, British Columbia
  • "I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us."

    Shawn Smith, Director of Golf

    Pebble Beach Resort, California
  • "It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s like you’ve given me an additional course to use."

    Perry Cooper, Golf Manager

    Jasper Park Lodge, Canada
  • "We have now put 3:57 on all our range balls."

    Alan McGregor, General Manager

    St Andrews, Scotland
  • "Your training sharpened our focus on quality."

    Nathan Stith, Director of Golf

    Doral Golf Resort and Spa, Florida
  • "Thanks to Pace Manager, we can now communicate with each other and our guests with facts."

    Brian Shaw, Head Golf Professional

    Doonbeg Golf Club, Ireland
  • "Our members and guests couldn’t be more pleased!"

    Cary Corbitt, Director of Sports & Operations

    Harbour Town Golf Links, South Carolina
  • "Your program was not an expense; it was a sound investment."

    Terry Boldt, Golf Division Manager

    City of Calgary Municipal Courses, Canada
  • "Magnifique!"

    Alexis Davet, General Manager

    Golf de la Grande Bastide, Provence
  • "You’ve made a great difference. I always recommend you to other courses."

    Frank Jemsek, Owner

    Cog Hill Country Club, Illinois
  • "Thanks to you, we have experienced two magical years of smooth flowing golf and exceptional pace"

    Steve Harker, Mgr. Performance Excellence

    Osprey Ridge at Disney World, Florida
  • "We continue to see marked improvement and exceptional quality."

    Gregg Lindquist, General Manager

    Desert Willow Golf Resort, California
  • "Thanks to you, the pace of play was better than it’s been in years, even during the Thursday and Friday rounds."

    Dawn Coe-Jones, LPGA Tour Player

    U.S. Women's Open Championship, Pumpkin Ridge, Oregon
  • "The pace of play in this championship was better than it has ever been."

    David Pepper, R&A Championship Comm. Chair

    The Open Championship, Muirfield, Scotland

Client Courses

  • Wild Dunes Golf Resort

    Charleston, South Carolina

  • Doonbeg Golf Club

    Doonbeg, County Clare, Ireland

  • Osprey Ridge at Disney World

    Lake Buena Vista, Florida

  • Desert Highlands Golf Club

    Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Poppy Hills Golf Course

    Pebble Beach, California

  • Amelia Island Plantation

    Amelia Island, Florida

  • US Women's Open Championship

    Pumpkin Ridge GC, Port., Oregon

  • Ancil Hoffman Golf Club

    Carmichael, California

  • Vail Golf Club

    Vail, Colorado

  • Bandon Dunes Golf Course

    Bandon, Oregon

  • Hong Kong Golf Club

    Hong Kong, New Territories

  • Pennant Hills Golf Club

    New South Wales, Australia

  • Predator Ridge Resort

    Vernon, BC, Canada

  • Pebble Beach Resort

    Pebble Beach, California

  • Doral Golf Resort & Spa

    Miami, Florida

  • City of Sac. Municipal Courses

    Sacramento, California

  • The Coeur D'Alene Resort

    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Singapore Island Country Club


  • The Old Course

    St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

  • City of Cal. Municipal Courses

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Desert Willow Golf Resort

    Palm Desert, California

  • Coronado Municipal Golf Course

    Coronado, California

  • Gleneagles Golf Course

    Perthshire, Scotland

  • US Open Championship

    Merion GC, Ardmore, Pennsylvania

  • The Open Championship

    Muirfield GC, E. Lothian, Scotland

  • Harbour Town Golf Links

    Hilton Head, South Carolina

  • Jasper Park Lodge

    Jasper, Alberta, Canada

  • US Women's Open Championship

    Sebonack GC, Southampton, NY

  • Ford's Colony Country Club

    Williamsburg, Virginia

  • HeatherGlen Golf Course

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Golf de la Grande Bastide

    Provence, France

  • Cog Hill Country Club

    Lemont, Illinois

  • El Caballero Country Club

    Tarzana, California

  • Landsdowne Resort

    Landsdowne, Virginia

  • Poppy Ridge Golf Course

    Livermore, California

  • Sanctuary Cove - The Palms

    Queensland, Australia

  • The Bog

    Saukville, Wisconsin

  • Elanora Country Club

    New South Wales, Australia

  • Headland Golf Club

    Queensland, Australia

  • Mission Hills Country Club

    Rancho Mirage, California

  • Sanctuary Cove - The Pines

    Queensland, Australia

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