Bill Yates Presents Results of 2014 US Open Study at November USGA Symposium

Bill Yates Presents Results of 2014 US Open Study at November USGA Symposium

An audience of golf industry leaders listened closely as Yates revealed the initial findings from his study of gender differences and how they impact the pace in championship play. Yates’ presentation “Pace of Play and the Gender Impact” was part of the second annual USGA Pace of Play Symposium held November 12-13, 2014 at USGA Headquarters in Far Hills, New Jersey.


"The first question we wanted this study to answer was 'Is the pace of play different for men and women?'" explained Yates to the audience of golf course owners and managers, championship officials, golf association executives, media representatives and others. "That part was easy. The data clearly showed that the answer is 'yes.' However, the more challenging question was 'Why?' By studying the details of men's play and women's play at the two US Opens at Pinehurst this past summer, I was able to isolate a broad number of specific areas of difference and begin to develop hypotheses about the reasons."


"The purpose of this first study was to discover where to look in more depth, and to use future championships to more  fully understand what's happening with the pace of play in championship golf," Yates continued. "As we know more, the USGA will publicize and act on the data so that every championship player can have the same good experience. The USGA is absolutely committed to improve the pace of play in the game, and they're starting with their championships."               Photos: Above right - USGA photo shows Yates discussing his findings; Above left - Yates collecting on-course data


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