"Engineering Giddyap into Golf"

"Engineering Giddyap into Golf," by Bradley S. Klein, in the July 19, 2013 issue of Golfweek. The article describes Bill Yates' approach to building smooth pace of play into courses under construction, including surprising information about what design features actually do and don't create slow play problems.


[excerpt]  "If it were simply a matter of dumbing down a course to expedite the speed at which players move along, a designer might be tempted to hire a highway crew and build straight, featureless holes with flat greens. That would promote faster play, but it would not be real golf. Yates is enough of a purist to appreciate the game's distinctive, site specific qualities. Golfers crave variety, challenge and excitement..."   --Author Bradley S. Klein


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  • "Thanks to you, the pace of play was better than it’s been in years, even during the Thursday and Friday rounds."

    Dawn Coe-Jones, LPGA Tour Player

    U.S. Women's Open Championship, Pumpkin Ridge, Oregon
  • "Magnifique!"

    Alexis Davet, General Manager

    Golf de la Grande Bastide, Provence
  • "We cut more than 30 minutes off our average 18-hole round."

    Dane Bohrer, PGA, General Manager


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  • Sanctuary Cove - The Palms

    Queensland, Australia

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