"Farther, Straighter.....Slower!"

"Farther, Straighter.....Slower! Is Technology Slowing Golf Down?," by Bill Yates. Featured in Golf Business Canada, Winter 2001. Bill explains why the technology that enables players to hit the ball further will also serve to slow the game down and increase playing time.


[excerpt]  "...While technological improvements in club heads, shafts and balls will give golfers' egos a boost, hitting the ball long distances has the effect of taking up too much space on the course and preventing groups from moving forward. Soon, instead of two groups on a par 4 hole, for example, there may be only room for one. The other group will be waiting back on the tee, a place they never had to wait before. Quite simply, the more such locations, the longer the rounds."    --Author Bill Yates


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