"Golf Course Bottlenecks"

"Golf Course Bottlenecks," By Marty Lariviere, EMP Channel August 5, 2013.  When players have a course to themselves (how often does that happen??), the time it takes to play a round is one thing. But when you have to share the course…it’s a different story, sometimes radically different, says author Lariviere.


This article explores the “operations management” aspect of your round of golf - why variability on a course is desirable but hardest to manage, turning to pace of play expert Bill Yates to explain what goes into the time to play a round.


[Author’s excerpt from Bill Yates’ interview with Wall Street Journal]  “Backups often start on a course’s first par-three, Yates said. If tee times are spaced at eight-minute intervals, but the first par-three takes an average of 10 minutes to play, a course has a mess on its hands by the fourth or fifth group of the day. If the next hole is a par-five whose green some players try to reach in two, you know you’re in for a long day.”    --Author Marty Lariviere                                                               Photo: Bill Yates gathering playing data at the 2014 Opens at Pinehurst


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