"How to Play Faster"

"How to Play Faster," by Mike Stachura, published in the May/June 2006 issue of Golf for Women. The author offers 12 ways for golfers to pick up the pace of play, but also interviews Bill Yates for insights about why players don't have the sole responsibility for slow play.



[excerpt]  "So here's the good news: Slow play isn't (always) your fault. More good news: Yates says that while it's obvious that the newest players tend to be the slowest players (they're uncertain of what to do on a golf course, when to do it, and mostly how to do it), "new" is not a euphemism for female. 'Don't believe the myth that women are slower players,' Yates says. 'Anecdotally, I think there's evidence that women play as fast as men, and often faster...'"     --Author Mike Stachura


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