May Tip for Course Superintendents: The simplest solutions can be overlooked!

I’m guessing that at least once a day, your course’s pace of play problems come to your attention for some reason. And you might fleetingly wonder, “Why don’t they do something?”


But there is no “they” when it comes to pace of play. It’s everybody’s responsibility. So below are three tips for you and your maintenance crew that will make a big difference out on the course. They may seem simple, but you'd be surprised how many courses I work with don't take these things into consideration:


1. Mowing: Obviously you know all about mowing, but to give players the best chance to stay on track, mow your tee boxes so they line up with the direction and angle you want players to hit the ball. Also, if tee markers are not straight and well centered, players are apt to orient themselves incorrectly so that their tee shots can easily go astray. This costs time and creates backups, and it is completely avoidable.


2. The Rough: The average recreational male player hits the ball off the tee 160-180 yards. To keep play flowing smoothly, look for the divots in these general areas, and if possible widen the fairways there so that large numbers of balls don't collect in the rough. This won't interfere with your scratch players' challenge and enjoyment of the game.


3. Blind Landings: Here again, the rough on either side of blind landings can be cut back so that after players tee off they don't arrive at the next shot and find that their ball is nowhere to be seen. Because they couldn't see it land, they have no idea where to start looking. More instant backups.


The point of these suggestions isn’t to make the game easier, it’s to make the game more pleasurable for players, and to help you avoid situations that we know will interfere with smooth play. It’s all about the quality and flow of the game for your whole range of players.


(Just for fun and to prove the point, try this. Considering that your course is mostly played by recreational golfers, next time you play, play the course the way they play it. Don’t use any club longer than your 180-yard shot during your round.)


Tip by Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems


  • "We have now put 3:57 on all our range balls."

    Alan McGregor, General Manager

    St Andrews, Scotland
  • "We cut more than 30 minutes off our average 18-hole round."

    Dane Bohrer, PGA, General Manager

  • "Bill Yates is the Guru of pace of play."

    Paul Spengler, Executive VP

    Pebble Beach Golf Links, California

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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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