"The Real Causes of Slow Play"

"The Real Causes of Slow Play,"  by John Paul Newport    WSJ Columnist John Paul Newport met Bill at the 2013 US Women's Open at Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton, New York and was intrigued by Bill's decades-long crusade against slow play. Even more, he was intrigued by Bill's explanation about what really causes this #1 problem in golf, and what he is doing to eliminate it.


[excerpt]  "...According to Bill Yates, a former industry efficiency expert whose main business now is consulting with golf courses about speeding up the game, player behavior ranks only second on his list of slow play's five major causes," writes the author. "Number one is course management practices and policies. 'Players can be blamed for a lot, yes, but if courses are sending out too many players too fast, nobody has a chance,' says Yates."    --Author John Paul Newport


Newport's July 13 Golf Journal column references the USGA's new campaign against slow play, and how Bill has partnered with them to provide insights gained from observing and analyzing thousands of hours of play at courses around the world. Bill has worked directly with more than 150 courses to solve their unique slow play problems...as a result, most of these courses improved not only their pace of play but also -- most importantly -- their bottom line. 


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