"Traveling All Over, Down Under"

"Traveling All Over, Down Under," by Bill Yates in the Spring (Fall in the Western Hemisphere) 2016 issue of Golf Industry Central, panoramas the pace of play guru's Australian golf saga in summer 2016.


Yates gives a capsule sumary of his whirlwind visit to Australia to introduce Pace Manager Systems® consulting and training services to the Australian golfing community. For years Yates' pace of play improvement strategies have been implemented on courses throughout the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Singapore and Hong Kong, and he was eagerly welcomed by courses, golf associations, the media, and audiences at the inaugural Melbourne Golf Business Forum. Yates declared he looks forward to future trips to bring his game improvement techniques to directly benefit Australian players and managers.


[excerpt]  "For example, studying the 17th hole I suggested, “I bet you have lots of people hitting into those trees out there?” Robin and John admitted that it was a big problem. “Take a look,” I explained. “Your mowing pattern on the tee is parallel to the cart path and it’s aimed straight at the trees. You’re setting people up to drive right into the trees!” It was an instant lightbulb for these two responsive and open-minded managers. We then spent a few minutes discussing how to easily eliminate this pace of play obstruction...”  --Author Bill Yates


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  • "I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us."

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  • "Magnifique!"

    Alexis Davet, General Manager

    Golf de la Grande Bastide, Provence
  • "Our members and guests couldn’t be more pleased!"

    Cary Corbitt, Director of Sports & Operations

    Harbour Town Golf Links, South Carolina

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